No cream in my Coffee!


Say hello to Jon North



This dude is by far the craziest man I have NEVER met lol.. Jon recently went through cardiac arrest and he is STILL HERE. God bless him and his beautiful family. For those of you who don’t know what the sport of Olympic weightlifting is, it involves two lifts called the snatch and clean & jerk, both ending with hips, knees & arms locked at the top to successfully lifting weight from ground to overhead. That’s the simple version, for more detail, click the link pasted on Jon’s name and you’ll see ;).

Recently I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations with some injuries and personal matters. I’ve needed some motivation for my daily training sessions and I have turned to Jon North videos to keep me upbeat and focused. This man is a legend, you ask any weightlifter who Jon North is and I would be surprised if they couldn’t tell you who he is. Many people think he’s a maniac, he lifts with rage and a hype like no other. I remember in a certain interview Jon says that people think he must be this insane person in day to day life but in reality he’s not.. he’s weak. Lifting has helped him create a person that he wishes he can always be, he creates that character because it’s what he envisions. That resonated so much to me because I can relate 100%.



now more than ever I’ve had to create this character where I can shut off the world and just lift, to just train, to just be a better weightlifter. It’s not to escape my problems, life will always be there and I don’t believe in running away from your problems.. but it is to simply get me into a mind set where I am not thinking about life outside of the gym but thinking about the task at hand, because sulking and being miserable isn’t going to get me on a podium. Granted, one day it will all come together and I might create a different character, one that isn’t created because it needs to be, but until then, I have to thank Jon for not only coming back from a crazy health scare, but for never giving up in life, in his family and in himself. He reaches out to more people than he may even know, myself being one of them. Here’s to you & Ms. Brown eyes.


xx, Mich.





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