Michelle, Mich for short.

Well then, here we go..

“To who ever this may concern”, classic intro, right? I’m not a blogger, in fact, I’m not much of a writer either. But I am a person who has a passion for many things and I love to genuinely share my opinions or thoughts on whatever topic it may be. Sometimes it may seem a bit biased, and quite frankly I don’t care, these are my thoughts haha.. But I enjoy the friendly rebuttal every once in a while.

My name is Michelle, many of my friends call me Mich (Mee-Ch). I hate my full name, just seems like i’m in trouble of some sort. Currently located in south florida with plenty of interest to leave the sunshine state. Olympic lifting is what I do, I love to listen to music, from grunge to the ever so amazing celine dion. I’m eclectic, what can I say. If you love coffee dates you’re my new favorite human, if you don’t, then that’s ok, we can still be friends :).

I cant help but feel a need to express my thoughts on this years Grammy awards.. and I say this with zero regrets… WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON WITH BEYONCE???but honestly, my main issue is with today’s music in general is that songs with lyrics like y’all corny with illuminati are being nominated for Song of the Year. Is this real life? Now there’s still hope in the world because my girl Adele won (one time for my girl, woot wooooot!). A little more insight on myself, I’m 23 soon to be 24 and I have the soul of a 38 year old. With all the wrong going on in this world, for a lot of people music is the one thing we can turn to and actually relate to and help us cope through whatever it may be. You would think these artists with great voices would use their power for something lyrically moving rather than a song about hot carolines? #rollingeyes

Here is where I stand, if you are someone like me, I turn to music when certain situations are going on in my life, work or personal. There’s always that artist or group that one song or album that sums up perfectly what it is you are feeling. From the lyrics to the melody, to the guitar solo or drum solo. I listen to music to feel, to feel the angst, the happiness, the soul. To sing my heart out and release whatever tension it is inside of me. To me, that means something. I only wish some artists thought twice about the music they were creating.

Now I wont go on and on (for now) about this, I guess I have a whole blog to troll on and on at now lol.. til then, hi, how ya doing! 11:31PM and I am satisfied with my late night thoughts. If anybody reads this, please comment, share your opinion say hi any topic ideas? I may or may not consider them, sorry 🙂

xx, Mich.



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