Healthy Mich, Happy Mich.


February 19, 2017, The iron game open.

Feels good to be back after a month of zero training due to nasty hip impingement’s it was time to shake off some rust. So many feels after this meet.. anybody who plays sports and who is passionate about that sport will tell you that game day is by far the best day there is. From the game day rituals to the getting all dapper in your uniform whatever it may be. For me it is so much more than that, especially in this sport of Olympic weightlifting.

It’s a certain euphoria I get being surrounded by all my friends, teammates, coaches and family. The feeling of making a good lift and hearing my coach yell at me and yell because he is just as excited as I am deep down inside about how perfectly my lift went. A little insight on my coaches, I’m apart of Team Soul Barbell, based out of CrossFit Soul in Miami (if you are ever in the area swing by :)). My coaches are stellar, they go above and beyond for each and every one of us and allow us to be ourselves as humans. They also tend to yell in the most aggressive manner you can ever imagine and guess what? it is encouraging as shit!!!!!! All I have is trust for these men who coach me and the rest of my team. Today proved every bit of why that is.. The head coach of our team unfortunately had so many athletes in my session that our other coach and owner of Soul, made it a point to take care of me and make sure I had my head on straight. I wasn’t phased not even for a second. I trust that he knows me as an athlete and knows what is best for me and for the sake of this meet and what It means for my total. I couldn’t have asked for a better day with my coach by my side, whether or not our head coach was with me 24/7, he was still present for each lift and giving input, which leads me back to euphoria. our coaches care, they genuinely care…

Surround yourself with like minded people


Today was the best days I have had in weeks. Not because I lifted well, but because it was an all around good day. We shared many laughs and did what we love to do. There was no pressure, no worries, just lift. Every day I am so humbled by this sport and the grind. So, here is to keeping hips healthy and getting back to work after some much needed rest and food binging lol..

xx, Mich.



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