Legends Never Die: Kurt Cobain


This fucking guy.. Kurt Cobain. Saying his name is more than enough for you to know who he is. Lead singer of Nirvana, born February 20,1967. I guess you can say I began feeling a bit nostalgic due to the fact that he would have turned 50 this year. It breaks my heart knowing that so many people still have the forever thought ‘Did Courtney kill Kurt?’

If you ask me, I still have no opinion on that. I have watched so many documentaries that give various evidence and opinions from friends and family member close to him and Courtney to private investigators and officers involved in the case back in 1994. The only thing that matters is the music he left behind. I always tell my friends I wonder what music would be like today if Nirvana was still around, would grunge still be a ‘thing’?  What Kurt Cobain did was pave the way for other grunge and punk rock artists/bands.


September 1991, New York City

His voice was something like no other, the sound of the band was a sound of it’s own. I sometimes can relate to the words that kurt sang. I believe Kurt was a very sad man for a very long time, in several interviews people would ask him what his lyrics meant, he would say nothing… his lyrics are as serious as a joke. Oddly enough I refuse to believe that. His backstory is tough. His childhood had many ups & downs and music was his way to reflect on those times. I almost feel like I could hear the pain in his voice when he would sing a song. My personal favorite is ‘Where did you sleep at night’…god his voice. Towards the end of the song he gets louder and raspier in the chorus and I all of a sudden imagine myself crying in a dark quiet room hoping someone can hear my thoughts, and care enough to try and reach through to me to break me out of this cage I put myself in every night.

To this day I see so many people repping band tee’s and most of them being Nirvana or some hardcore band. It doesn’t matter at what age you listen to this music or the band Nirvana, what kurt left behind was REAL music, and people respond to that. This may sound like another music banter and how todays music will just not compare, but this post for me is to reflect on the fact that Nirvana is and forever will be one the greatest grunge bands of our time. I can only hope Kurt can see all of us rejoice in his music every day and feel our happiness and pain that we feel just like he felt.

                                      You are amazing Kurt. Long live.



xx, Mich.


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