Wake up, Take a sip, Relax.

To whom this may concern….

Lol, well that was one hell of a hiatus from blogging. A month too long, but a month well deserved away from my mind. After my last post I took some time to think about a lot of things and came to peace with a good chunk of them. Besides being wrapped up in prepping for my recent meet (University Nationals), I have also been prepping to finally leave to San Diego. After getting a new position at my current job it has been one rollercoaster the last month. Turned 24, placed 11th at a national meet and am starting to move on with the rest of my life. Although certain people did not reach out to me on my day or birth (lulz), it also made it more clear to me how much those people do not deserve a place in my life nor the time I spend wishing they were.



realization of it all has been tough, but I guess you learn things the hard way these days, especially when it comes to people you care so much about. It’s been a long time since I have had a disdain for someone, and I am trying hard with my best efforts to not use the “H” word when I speak about them or think about them, but… people REALLY do suck, man.

I know I ranted before on how do you know when enough is enough, but the truth is, when you love and care for someone, friend, family member, whoever it may be, you’ll never truly be over it. you will always be wondering when things will come together and you can start off fresh and bury the hatchet. I guess the real question is, do they miss me? do they care at all? Cowards never tend to answer those questions these days anyways. Bummer. This is a quick post, simply to reflect on quick thoughts and let this world know my blog is still alive….and me. (really do not think any one reads this shit but I don’t care).

til next time..

                               xo, mich.


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