beauty behind the madness.

“I’ll never be the same, breaking decency
Don’t be tree trunk, don’t fall on my living roots
I’ve been humming too many words, got a weak self esteem
That’s been stomped away from every single dream”

7 words by Deftones

You ask me what my favorite song is, you’ll probably think to yourself.. “did Satan crawl into her body over night?” If you ask me who my favorite band is, you’ll probably think to yourself.. “who the FUCK is that?” long story short, I don’t listen to the stereotypical electro house pop r&b bullshit that is out on the radio today. But that isn’t the purpose of this little excerpt today, the meaning for this is to point out the ignorant asshole who criticizes the kids of tomorrow and adults for our choice in listening to this genre of music.


 Pretty simple. Do I really even need to go on with this post? Probably not, but I am going to anyways. Back in the 80’s and 90’s hardcore and post hardcore punk were two really big genres. It spoke the truth. The “loud noises” you hear are spoken truth to the ears of people who grew up listening to this music, and to people who feel on the inside what they cannot show on the exterior.

Believe it or not, no matter how happy I perceive to be, I have had my dark days and still tend to have some bad days. I cannot compare myself to others who struggle with heavier issues, and I am not here to defend all of those people, I wouldn’t know the first thing about it, but I am here to say I respect those people, and I adore them for still being here with us today… all over the world young kids to grown adults have a hard time with daily struggles of life or drugs and alcohol. Most of these kids and adults turn to music, specifically metal, hardcore, emo, and punk to get them through their day. Now I would say this is a way better remedy than taking ones life or god knows what else. I have had several friends deal with what I am describing, and before you judge their tattoo’s, choice of music and smug face, why not appreciate their beautiful exterior? If you take a close look, you would realize there is a story behind the “resting bitch face” and satanic shirt.


So impossible by Dashboard Confessional

These songs tell a story, a story you can relate to and feel the vibrations of the guitar strings, the crack in the singers voice and let it course through your body to make you rage through the pain and cope. How can I make this relate to you more? Let’s see.. you know that FUCK YEAH feeling you get when you hear your favorite Justin Bieber house song? ok, that’s how someone else feels when they are banging heads and listening to their favorite heavy metal band.

There is really nothing else to say, these genre’s of music have paved the way for SO many other artists and genre’s your mind would explode. Stop being simple minded, think outside the box and learn to take in everyone’s perspective and story before you judge. You may be a little more twisted inside than we are.


xo, mich.


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