‘The Home Inside My Head’

This is life. Life is hard. Life is challenging. Life is about not being able to please the people you care about most. Life is about taking the negative, turning it into a positive and moving forward because you can only control as much as you possibly can.

To give so much to people and see them take it for granted is a bummer. I am learning the hard way that not everyone can appreciate the good you try and do. So many feels over the last couple weeks, the stress bloat is starting to wear off lol. I guess all it took was to have coffee with a friend, be forced to sit down for a long period of time and watch myself not being able to sit still was excruciating even for me.

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Why is it so hard to ignore the things that do not benefit me? I should be proud of myself and my crew around me for all the positive things that have been done but somehow I find myself struggling between the wanting to say “thank you” and wanting to ask “Why would you say that about me?” I am drowning in my own thoughts, and yet again, one day of listening to slipknot’s .5 the gray chapter has gotten me through another stressful week. There are no words to describe the hurt I feel, just a constant reminder to keep moving on and doing hat I do best, and hope for a better day. The past is behind me.

small feel.

xx, mich.


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